Delivery partners at one place, integrate with ease.

As part of the Delta Ops team's role, data exchange between delivery partners and Fynd became extremely important to track orders. The team needed to make a system to get real time updates from delivery partners on where an order is at a certain time. But, the problem arises in the integration stage itself. Every delivery partner have different payloads and content types ie. Bluedart uses XML and Delhivery uses JSON.

What has changed now with Fyx is that, you need not worry about the various content types of delivery partners. Instead you will send and receive only JSON. Fyx takes care of the conversion between the formats.

It reduces the time and effort in intgerating a new delivery partner. You will just need to integrate FYX instead of different delivery partners. Earlier it used to take about 2-3 weeks to onboard a delivery partner but now with FYX it happens in not more than Five minutes.

Currently three delivery partners integerated using Fyx are operational with Fynd namely Bluedart, Delhivery and Ecomm. Fynd is looking forward to integrate many more delivery partners to expand our operational reach.