What is it for?

Open API leverages Fynd's real-time inventory integration with over 200+ brands & 8000+ stores and makes it easy for developers and businesses to build a full fledged omni-channel fashion e-commerce app.

You can use the Open APIs to:

- Showcase products from our partner brands

- Execute orders on behalf of your customers

Why use Fynd Open API?

Building a large scale omni-channel e-commerce platform is a time consuming challenge. Having gone through this ourselves, and over two years worth of effort and experience have led us to open up our framework to let you build an omni-channel experience without having to worry about inventory integrations, logistics & operational details.

How do I get access?

Fynd Open API is currently in private beta. We are on-boarding select partners based on the unique use cases they are unlocking for customers.

Please fill the request form from the link provided at the end of this page and our Partner Success team will get in touch with you.

What about revenue sharing?

You get a revenue share for all the orders executed via your platform.