Creating cutting-edge data pipelines for seamless, real-time inventory-content integration with brands and stores. Currently focused on generating automated product attributes using Machine Learning models.

Team Vision is comprised of individuals with a diverse set of skill set and focus areas. Broadly the team has a pool of engineers, business managers, and specialists.


Business managers are generalists with primary focus on on-boarding brands. They are responsible for the integration of inventory and content on Fynd's platform. They interact with all the stakeholders, internal as well as external. They understand the domain, the end-to-end product activation pipeline, and play a pivotal role in ensuring all the stakeholders are aligned.


Contrary to the business role, this pool of individuals come with a core expertise and are divided into the following three categories.



Shreya Seerehalli
Domain Expert
Pradeep Tiwari
Principal Engineer
Jagadesh Sahadevan
Product Manager
Muralidhar Edam
Senior Engineer
Kapil Kapri
David Anthnoy
Quality Control
Mukul Sharma
Principal Architect
Neeraj Shukla
Anirudha Vishvakarma
Kinjal Patel
Senior Engineer