The Growth team at Fynd is a small, cross-functional, versatile and data driven group of individuals building tools & products that help drive growth across various touch points in the AARRR funnel.

At Fynd, we firmly believe that no needle movement happens by itself and while everyone has a view - one shall only trust the data! The team, hence, is required to keep a tight focus on the whole AARRR funnel while ensuring that the right metrics are tracked and enough experiments are carried out every week.

Some of the new projects that the team is currently working on -

Fynd Open APIs

Inline with our vision to become India's largest O2O fashion retail destination - we're opening up our inventory from 200+ fashion brands & 8000+ partner stores for developers and businesses who want to build a truly omni-channel retail experience without worrying about the challenges that come along with inventory integration and logistics. Fynd Open APIs and our real-time inventory integration with our partners, open up new avenues to build interesting use cases centred around omni-channel and location based e-commerce. More details about the project can be found here.


We built Yamat (Yet Another Marketing Automation Tool) to enable complex real-time marketing automation use cases that weren't possible otherwise using the tools available in the market. It allows for this complex targeting by collating data from various data stores and by building models to serve content that is relevant to our users.


Ronak Modi
Product Manager
Harshal Kulkarni
Senior Engineer
Ankur Chandra
Senior Engineer